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Default Re: How do you do your handlebars with geared bikes?

Originally Posted by Toadmund View Post
My 21 speed is disabled, 1 speed all the time.
No cables, no front derailler.
Not needed in my opinion.
That works well for a direct drive, just make it a single speed like a beach cruiser with benefits, that being the dual V brakes and you can easily change your gearing by hand.

My example is a jackshafted shifter so the whole point is to make the rear gears easy to operate as you use them all the time.
With the shifter on the left you can downshift with your left hand as you pull the brake lever with your right hand which has to let up on the throttle anyway.

Well KC I've no need for gear shifters or clutch levers. My 5 speed automatic bike means I can clutter up my handlebars with other things. LOL.
That really is cool Larry, when it comes to controls less is best I think.
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