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Default Re: question regarding clutch

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
As long as your chain alignment and tension are good, coasting with the clutch disengaged won't hurt anything. When the clutch is disengaged the only moving parts of the engine is the drive sprocket and the clutch cross shaft. The crankshaft, piston and the gears on the right side don't move. Of course you need to assure that when you pull the clutch lever in and lock it that it is completely disengaging the clutch. That's part of clutch cable adjustment.

There's no need for extra lubrication but the chain does need it, coasting, pedaling or under engine power the chain needs lube.

Thanks, that's what I thought. My clutch cable is adjusted good and fully disengages the motor. I'm using a very strong BMX chain that runs through my engine sprocket very smoothly, much better than the bulky 415 that came with my kit. I use a generous amount of silicon spray to lube it. I figured why waste gas or stress my china girl running it down hill when I can go plenty fast just coasting? I fly down a 8 mile road straight down hill from my house, it's a blast!! I love riding this thing, I'm happy spring is here.
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