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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

finally fixed up the cruiser i crashed almost 2 months ago.

got a steroid shot in my shoulder tuesday, so it was feeling better, so i pulled the whole bike apart, welded a new cable stop on the drum brake where the old one snapped off.

took the fender off and pounded out all the dents, took the front end apart, inspected the forks, bars, and stem to make sure nothing was cracked, bent, or busted.

regreased the front wheel and the headset, replaced a busted brake lever, and lubed up the throttle.

took the back wheel off and regreased the coaster brake, re-aligned the motor, cause it was knocked a little sideways.

put on some new kenda kiniption tires and wiped the whole bike down with wd40 to bring the 70 year old patina back to life...

then i rode it around the block.

still fast, still solid, and still smooth.

now my shoulder's killing me again. feels like i've been chopping wood all day.

i hate these stupid bikes...
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