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Default Re: Finally not so lonely!

I do have the long side next to the wheel and did take out a few links in. The chain, but I dont think maybe enough? The chain is still looking too droopy and too long. And i think the tensioner needs to be bent cause when tightening the bolts it goes straight for the wheel and is not matching up with the top chain that is making it come off the back sprocket underneath heading to the tensioner, so then I put a few extra washers on it hoping that would make it parallel with the top chain and it still isnt? Then if its too tight my back tire will not move its seized, and too loose it comes off the back sprocket it seems like i need to remove more links, bend the tensioner , and get the right 1/2 inch of slack in the chain.... Ya know?? Uhhhh!! LOL.. its me I know maybe rushing it, excited that I am 95 % finished and just want to ride, but need to calm down and take my time and do it right cause I definitly DONT want any problems with it!!
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