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Default Re: WOW ! I thought I was on my own...

I had a really dodgy maiden voyage on it before, the girder forks still need bushing out properly so I just tightened it all up a bit which makes for a nice weaving ride, also I'm having trouble getting it running without popping an banging despite setting the timing in just about every position but I have put a bigger exhaust on and a pod filter so I'm going to up jet like McNasty said, will it be best to go to someone like dyno-jet for one ?

As I'm writing this I'm wondering what happened to the last rider before me possibly 20-30 years ago maybe more ? The front frames HUGE an yet was bent by about six inches and the rear end an rack was equally mangled an the absence of wheels may mean they where trashed in the accident as well, there's no doubt its been involved in a major accident... For the last rider where ever you are my friend I hope you walked away from it ok an I'm sending you a big Hi-five

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