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Default Re: Brand new to gas bikes.

Originally Posted by Ludford View Post
Just got it out and tried to start it but I don't think it should be like this.

The back wheel is almost impossible to turn, and after a few attempts at starting it's now complete seized.

And how is the clutch cable ment to go on? Does it PULL on the lever on the engine or PUSH on it? Mine keeps coming off.
Make sure it is connected to the lever on the handlebars. Put the large spring over the cable, it acts as a heat shield so the cable won't burn resting against the cylinder, put the steel part of the cable through the hole on the engine case, put the small spring over the cable as it comes out, put the cable through the clutch hole on the clutch, pull cable as tightly as possible, screw the set screw in to hold the cable in place. Now test it, pull the clutch lever and lock it with the button, the clutch should pull open and the rear wheel should turn easily. Here is an instillation guide video, the clutch assembly is shown at 8:28 (step 7). Hope that helps.
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