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Default Re: Animated 2 Cycle Engine Cutaway View

Some of you may remember the discussions of the motor built into the wheel whereas the motor turns with the wheel. Can you imagine how that would work ?

We often make reference to the WW1 biplanes which had the propellor bolted to the motor and the motor bolted to the airplane. Thus the prop and engine housing served like a flywheel to keep the inertia going. So could this work in a motorized bicycle wheel ?

Well, if you want a brain teaser..........just click that link to the animated motor in the first post and go to the bottom green box and click on the word "engines". You'll see a window come up with a list of different types of engines.(all of which are animations by the way)

In the first group "Internal Combustion".....there is a "GNOME" cycle engine. It has a poppet valve in the piston for intake and one in the head for the exhaust. Watch it turn and try to understand it.

And remember....these things burnt a mix of Castor Oil mixed with Gasoline.
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