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Default Re: mongoose beast! fat tire wal-mart bike

Originally Posted by unknownbmxa88 View Post
does anyone have one of these?

they are availible on for $200 and have 26x 4.0 tires on them.

i know, this is trying to become a motorcycle a little two hard but can you imagine one with a 212cc HF predator on it? talk about fun!

they are all steel, if you can call walmart bikes that, and from what i read they are over kill.

havent even finished my current project and im already looking for a new one.
Ya got me thinking UKBMX, a saddle mounted FD. Be kinda perfect with all the contact. Like Dave's Junk yard build but FD. (I don't use conventual rollers)

Really is a cool looking bike.

Need 3 motorized bicycles. The one your riding, the one your building and the one your planing. (snork, I have about 12)((and 2 are all together))

worst apocalypse ever

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