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Default Re: Finally not so lonely!

My name does not match my avatar, I just changed it to 'white Puddy' and she ain't writing today.
Some people say to start with non-synthetic oil, because it allows break-in to happen a little faster because synthetic is just too good and won't allow your rings to seat (or wear in) as well.
But then again, some don't agree, but that's the way I would go.

I use Echo Powerblend, good oil, highly rated, almost gone then I am going to try some Opti 2, there is a fairly large thread on here about that stuff.

First day with the 'White Puddy' avatar, yes that's her name, when you have 12 cats, you run out of names!
I love my Motor Bicycle, I love Beer, I'll try not to like them both at once.
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