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Default Re: Finally not so lonely!

Hello and Thank you guys for all the tips! (Tyler6357) thanks for the info on changing out nuts. When starting this project I went out and bought a 127 piece tool set, which I love but need a few more things. I thought about that having a set of tools for my bike for that "just incase" mishaps!! Will do Thank you! I myself love the red and black also when I was picking out engines, Silver was cool but when I seen the black motors I thought they were more bad a** looking!! (Wild Bill) Thanks! Why in H-E double hockey sticks would they tell you to use 16:1 ratio if its too much and dodge dude94 says it smokes!!? I will definitly be using 20:1 a little higher ratio then to start! THANK YOU!! You guys are great with all the help and tips! Don't feel so lost and frazzeled! ..... Yes dodge dude94 my chain tensioner is placed the correct way it was a b**ch to do! On the very first page of my blogs here you will see a pic of it assembled and the final result.. thank god cause I am tired of messing with that f-er!! LOL
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