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Default Re: Stolen Bike - Starting over

I'm using a Lifan 98cc minibike engine. It is a side-valved, vertical cylinder engine. Though the trans I am using is called a jackshaft, it is not the type that uses the bicycle's gearing as a drivetrain for the engine. It is a custom-made design, produced by a forum member here, and is $100 less than the ezm qmatic. I drive 3 miles to work and 3 miles back over some slightly hilly terrain. The engine performs very well for me. My bike weighs probably 150 lbs, and I weigh almost 300. My top speed is 33mph, and it gets up to cruising speed very quick. So if you can find one of these engines and choose the right gearing, I think you'll be very happy. My total build cost was $800. I got some parts for free or at discounted prices, so I estimate the actual value of parts to be about $1200. If you've got $1500 to work with, you should have no problems. My bike is described in my signature.
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