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Default Re: 2 min. and 100 ft

Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
Did you wipe the cylinder out and crank it a bunch with the head off - you probably have a ton of excess fuel in the crank chamber.....if you have spark at the right time, compression, and fuel delivery it should fire off if it's not drowning....
first off thanks guys for all your support...
i did clean it out while apart ,and still no go.
i tried all the ideas to no avail.....
so for ****s and giggles i reversed the cdi wires .
i immediately had faint signs of life
so i pulled of the mag cover to see if i sheared off a key ..
nope it was good ,so for ****s and giggles i put the mag back on backwards and it will run ( with cdi wires in correct position) but barely enough to pull me along, and if you try to push it it only backfires.
i tried all comboes i could think of , but it is still gutless.
it is out of time and no way of correcting i assume.
i think my keyway is cut in the wrong spot , either on the mag or the crank

is there any pics on file here that i can compare ?
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