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Default Re: Finally not so lonely!

Thanks Huffydavidson! What kind of 2 stroke motor oil brand do you reccomend? I know my guide says to use 16:1 ratio of gas and oil the first 310 miles put on the bike after those miles then it says to switch to 20:1 ratio. Also it does say the first 50-100 miles not to take it over 20 mph and the first initial starts to not ride it more than 30 minutes this is what I have read and researched atleast. I was also wondering about the spark plug and what to gauge it to! Thank you for that!! I think tomorrow after I clean clients I will go buy a new spark plug the one that did come with it does look cheap!? Thanks for the info of torquing the head bolts! Will have to get one and socket! This info helps a lot! TY Again what 2 stroke oil do you suggest? Or use?
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