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Default Re: Finally not so lonely!

Thanks maniac57! YES I worked on it for 2 days I had problems with it! First was when tightening the chain tensioner it wasgoing inward towards the spokes and was rubbing against my tire. So I moved the motor a little also cause of the exhaust hitting the pedals too.. and got extra washers to place in the bolts so when tightening it down it quit wanting to head straight for the spokes! This helped alot got it away from the spokes and it is away from my tire and dont come close to rubbing anything anymore! I thought I was doing something wrong but learned.. everythings got to be motified a little to fit the frame of your bike being that not all bikes are the same for these kits! I think I took care of the problem .......BUT... Is my chain too tight when the back wheel wont freely move when walking next to it???? :/
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