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Originally Posted by bgoates View Post
Unbelievable !

Today I noticed fuel was running a steady stream down the carb. The engine was hard to start and when it did start had no power. At first I thought it was the seal on the float bowl so I made a new gasket for it. After I put that on it was still a steady stream so I took off the air filter and noticed it was soaking wet. I turned the fuel back on and a steady stream out the air filter...what the heck !!!???? So I studied the carb and noticed the float was full of fuel and did not float and thus didn't cut off the fuel flow. See Pic.
So I drilled a tiny hole and drained the fuel and sealed the hole and seam of the float. What next ???
I had the same problem on my outboard motor last summer. If it still does not work after cleaning the float you should check the needle and seat. If the needle is worn than either get a new one or fix the current one. I'm not sure if this helps any but give it a try if all else fails.
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