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Default Finally not so lonely!

Wow! How awesome this is to find a place where I belong! I am new to motorized bicycles, as a matter of fact mine will hopefully be finished this week! Yes I am a woman and Yes I have been building this by myself! I love working on it and getting my hands dirty! I only hope that the first start up is successful!! I had seen my first motorized bike when I was younger and fell in love, now that I'm an adult .. I realized, I can do whatever I want! And I want one of these.. so I researched them for a month reading up, watching videos and packing my brain of info. About 3 weeks ago I bought a bike! Then the motor came and I have been putting it together and building for about 5 days now... Yes that long #1 can't work on it til I was done working and #2 ran into a couple of problems which were figured out. I am 90 % finished with her and am excited!! Again just hope the first start goes smooth!! Well any who I am happy to finally find a place that I belong and all of you won't atleast think I'm crazy like all my friends think I am!! Finally not alone! Thanks!!

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