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Default Re: Dumb noob question

It depends on the engineering of the engine. Some engines are small cc, but extremely high horsepower. Take morini engines for example. 49cc, 11 to 15hp stock, depending on the exact model. My minibike engine, 98cc, maybe 3 or 3.5hp with the governor removed. Generally speaking, high horsepower engines dont make much torque unless geared properly, which is a little on the low side. Lower hp engines tend to have decent torque with slightly higher gearing. You can put a morini engine in a bicycle and gear it to do 65, but it will take forever to get there, and it'll be a dog on hills. My minibike engine is geared for 32, gets there pretty quick, and climbs hills pretty nicely. I wouldn,t gear my bike any faster because I would lose torque. I wouldnt gear it any slower because I would constantly be over-revving it trying to get the speed I want. So in short, it depends on what the engine is made to do, what rpm/horsepower it makes, and how you gear it.
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