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Default Re: My New "Antique" Schwinn Corvette

Originally Posted by dwsutton View Post
This is the third bike Ive used them on. When they are folded up they have no rattle at all - it is really pretty tight clipped up. As far as open - no, I havent noticed any rattle there either. I drive it down to the grocery store when I want a loaf of bread and a 6 pack and also to the gas station to get 1 gallon of gas I think the baskets are awesome.
Originally Posted by The_Aleman View Post
Nice ride! I bet she rolls real nice, and she does look classy

These are great errand-runners when those baskets are deployed!

I have a pair of 582s that I bought in 2007, secured to a Topeak Explorer rack. Followed me through 4 bikes now, extremely utilitarian

I found a pair of 1 gallon plastic cans that would slot in a single basket perfectly, came in real handy in my chinagirl days.

If you roll with them unfolded and empty, they'll make some noise and may not stay where they are. When I roll like that I just use a pair of zipties.
thank you both for the feedback, ...i feel a lot more confident with my choice and as soon as my new gastank arrives from Coyote Gear i'll be able to finalize my seat and rack position so i can install the baskets,'s getting to be a real pain wearing a backpack everywhere i go.

anyway, sorry to jack your thread dwsutton, ...i really do dig your bike too man, i scanned through your album and it looks nice from all angles.

peace, bozo
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