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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Tore it back down to fix a few more things. Decided I wanted to go with a faux patina look. I've been poking around to much lately. I did some experimenting with color and process. I ended up laying down a grey sand-able primer base and wet sanding that. Then a coat of brown primer, wet sand. Then a couple coats of khaki beige. I then top coated it with clear engine enamel. Let that dry for a couple of days. Then lightly dabbled heavy duty gel stripper in the usual places. let that dry and went to town with a dish sponge and 600 grit paper. Then a mixture of salt, hydrogen peroxide, and venager. I've been spraying it occasionally thought the weekend. I like it. the way i allpied the stripped, i could control how much actually went on so i could kinda feather the paint out easily. with out really getting sanding marks.
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