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Default Re: Vintage style chopper

Originally Posted by Zug View Post
It looks like you might have room behind the seatpost for a jackshaft to the crank spindle. Then add either a NuVinci CVT hub (135 mm) or a cassette and derailler. Both would probably require respacing the dropouts. A Sturmey-Archer 3-speed @ $99.95 (or 8 speed for $169.95) might not require respacing at 115 mm.

NuVinci CVT's go for almost $500.

If you've got lots of bucks go with a Rohloff 14 Speed SpeedHub. Strong - torque loads of up to 250 Nm on the crank - that's 150Kg on the pedals. $1295.95 for caliper/cantilever brakes. Out of my budget.

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