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Default Hi, new here sort of...

So I went to make an account last night and found out I already had an account. I don't know when I joined, so i guess I'll get to see as soon as I post this(haha).
A few years ago I found out about these motorized bikes people were building. First I bought a Schwinn stingray(the newer motorcycle looking one) planning to get a chinese 50cc kit then after some research got scared off of those,and sold the bike.
I had planned to get a staton inc friction drive kit,but because of the price never got around to it. I slightly lost interest over the few years since but recently gained interest again.
I recently bought this bike that I may motorize. I am wanting to go with a center frame kit,Ill probably go with a chinese kit first just to get a hang of these things.

(ill post a picture of my bike i plan to motorize later, if anyone would like to see it)
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