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Default Re: Traffic Ticket fine in Los Angeles..ridiculous!

Originally Posted by Mr.2Tcycles View Post
Well I got a traffic ticket on my bike for riding on the sidewalk, figured I didn't want to end up under some car or bus that day. Tried to pay the ticket today, called the number for the superior court to pay and jumped through hopes just for the automated system to find the ticket. Well it didn' wouldn't take my DOB even though I tried 5 times, then it gave me the option to talk to an operator, tried that.....said too many callers call back later, then kicked me back to the front of the menu to enter the same information it just took. This process takes at least 10 minutes. OK here's the kicker, the bail/fine schedule says 20 bucks for riding on the side walk. No big deal right? WRONG!!! that's 20 bucks plus what the traffic court clerk refered to as additional assesment and penalty fees. When asked what for she repeated additional penalties and assesment fees.So 20 for fine 73 for extra fees then another 10 for paying on website Grand total, after paying online $103.00!!!!. State taxes are high here gas is amoung the most expensive, then they rape you on traffic fines and you have to pay for the process. AND THE STATE IS STILL GOING BROKE. California is an extortionist state might as well let the convicts on death row pay for their bullet, gas , or chemicals they are going to use. Now I admit I was wrong for riding on the sidewalk, but I was endangering no one, was no being reckless, nor was I being uncooperative with the motorcycle cop. I thought they charge taxes to cover the states services, build court houses, pay cops,judges and the rest of "the man's machine". More than 3 times the amount of the traffic ticket for extra fees what the.......Pay taxes then fines that go both to the state to spend as it sees fit isn't that double taxation? $103 bucks is a hard hit for me. The system is broken, we are not getting our money's worth, the government is corrupt, the people are being bled dry, and you can't fight the man.

Oh and get this just after paying them I checked my bank account, and they double charged me. Maybe I just shouldn't leave the house today.
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