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2door - Thanks, and you can say I am internet savvy...(I do technical support for a living) I have found pretty much everything I need now. Located a couple more sites that pointed me to (and away from) some online sellers. I am really just looking to build one in addition to my car projects. You know, something do also work on when your waiting for paint to dry or parts to come in. Also building it to ride around the swap meets with plus good conversation starters... As far as an inch pound wrench, yep... got that covered. I have a very well equipped shop at home. And with 4 car projects going on now, why not add in a bike or two, right?

curtisfox - Thanks, I will keep that in mind! I always love reading some of the old "how to do's" from magazines and other old resources. Makes me feel a bit nostalgic remembering riding my bike to the downtown public library with a pocket full of dimes to copy that stuff out of the books to take home and review for other ideas.

I know this is a motorized bike forum, but these are some of the projects that led me here...

This one is called Project Blueie. It's a 1950 Chevrolet Pickup on a 1994 Chevy S-10 4x4 Chassis. This is my shop truck. It's all the left over parts from another 1950 Chevy Truck build called project Tweetie. (as you can tell my wife names these so she knows what the **** I am working on.)

Project Tweety is just a pile of parts at the moment, but will be a 1950 Chevy 5 window cab with complete air ride suspension, NASCAR Busch cup truck trailing arm rear suspension with custom Mustang II ifs with air ride all the way around and a 1955 Chevy 235 Inline 6 backed by a tremec 5 speed. 4 wheel disc brake and rack and pinion steering.

Then there's Steve. This is my Numbers Matching 1973 Chevy El Camino from Texas with a factory 1972 LS5 454 motor in it. This is a pre emissions motor I've built this one up... 525hp 2 675 ft lbs. of torque.

The biggest problem with some of these projects is waiting for parts. Either locating them or just waiting for them to show up. I figured the bikes would be a good fill in and perhaps allow me to think a little more creatively on other projects.

I hope you guys don't mind me sharing the non related bike stuff, but I have little to contribute to that at the moment. I figured since it's all mechanical in nature, it might be a good fit... I promise I will have more bike related content after this...

And if you want to read on some of the builds, I have online project journals at other websites.

Beetle Journal:

Chevy Trucks, El Camino and everything else... (47 Studebaker, 84 Monte Carlo SS, 1951 Dodge Pickup)

And thanks again to the owners of this website for letting me post and use their site.
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