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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Wanted to insulate my exhaust pipe because it burned a hole in my pants leg the other day. So I go to Auto Zone, the only exhaust wrap they have is a 20ft roll for $50. Way too much. So we go visit my wife's sister and her husband, and he seems to think we may be able to find something at Ace hardware. We end up in the stove repair aisle looking at stove gasket. They have a roll that's almost the same diameter as my exhaust pipe (ezm flex pipe, btw) and I'm thinking I can get it wet and stretch it over the pipe. So I get home, throw the stove gasket in a bucket of water, and take my dogs out. Go get my tools, and start working on it. Took some finagling and some elbow grease, but eventually I got it on. I left about an inch uncovered between the header and the flex pipe, so the exhaust can still breathe some, and put the exhaust back on. I then hooked my crankcase breather tube back to the carb's pcv (positive crankcase ventilation) inlet and took her for a spin to dry the wet stove gasket a bit so my pipe won't rust. Bike seemed to run smoother after hooking the pcv tube back up. Didn't go too far, so its hard to say for sure, but I'll know for sure definitely after I drive to work in the morning.
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