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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Cruiser, first and foremost thank you again for putting this together. I hope to be first inline to put some thing in the hat.

The other day I was looking at vBullitan forum trying to find out how to water mark pics so they could not be lifted with out the credit going to the actual builder and realized what all this costs. I was going to PM you and ask if it would be OK to send a lil something. So, ASAP and thanks again.
Dan have you checked out Gimp? It will do just about anything you want. Easy to add layers like a watermark and then merge them so they can't be removed.

I will also be making a donation. Some other sites I post on (Garden tractor forums, Tractor forums, etc.) use a "Site Sponsor" tag under the poster's avatar. Posters who donate can also include the tag in their signature. They usually have about a $20 sponsorship donation.

The tags are a great way to "spread the word" about supporting the forum.

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