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Default Re: My New "Antique" Schwinn Corvette

Originally Posted by JustAnotherBozoOnABike View Post
...nice looking bike man and yeah buddy, if you are motivated you don't need to ask questions to find your answers!

peace, bozo

btw, i just got me a set of those baskets but i haven't installed them yet and so i was wondering how you liked them on your bike? they rattle really bad? ...those are the Wald 582's right?
This is the third bike Ive used them on. When they are folded up they have no rattle at all - it is really pretty tight clipped up. As far as open - no, I havent noticed any rattle there either. I drive it down to the grocery store when I want a loaf of bread and a 6 pack and also to the gas station to get 1 gallon of gas I think the baskets are awesome.

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