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Default Re: My New "Antique" Schwinn Corvette

Originally Posted by dwsutton View Post
Well almost done with my 6th or possibly 7th build. I hadn't even thought about building a new bike yet I was in Kmart on accident looking for something Walmart didn't have and there she was - A Schwinn Wayfarer on sale for $149.00. I wanted black because I like to match the tank color and black is black. So I get home and hate the factory decals and decide to sand prime the frame ( which sorta defeated buying a black bike ) shoot the ebony black and 6 coats of clear then make up some decals on my plotter and lay them on the chainguard and tank then 6 coats of clear over them. Just finished the test drive and drove over to my friends house and his neighbor walks over and asked where I got the antique schwinn ..... big smile. Thanks to all of those on the forum that answered questions - I haven't asked any but this has been a valuable resource for ideas and troubleshooting.


...nice looking bike man and yeah buddy, if you are motivated you don't need to ask questions to find your answers!

peace, bozo

btw, i just got me a set of those baskets but i haven't installed them yet and so i was wondering how you liked them on your bike? they rattle really bad? ...those are the Wald 582's right?
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