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Default Re: Old Newb in Wisconsin

Trey - Thanks! Yeah, I know it can be like a disease. That's how the car thing started. I used to work on cars in my youth. Same with bikes. Before I worked on cars, there were several kids that used to run a bike repair shop out of my parents shed. We used to fix up kids bikes and ours in exchange for parts and sometimes money. I guess you could say that while growing up my friends and I were quite the entrepreneurs. I remember a kid bringing us an old 3 wheeler schwinn. He said he got it from his grandparents. Back then we were into the BMX scene as it was just starting. We didn't know what we were going to do at first with it... Then we came up with an idea, let's make it into a BMX 3 wheeler. And we did! Later we were turning bikes into motorized bikes. We put a couple 4 stroke motors on them and used to terrorize the neighborhood. Man those were the days!

I guess what I need to know is where to start looking for decent prices on tires and rims. I am searching the internet for online places for parts. Just trying to find some good "sources" people could recommend.
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