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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Started my bike up to come home from work today, and my throttle cable came loose in the throttle grip (barrel end of cable was smaller than the notch on the grip), so I had to pull on the throttle cable to get home. So I get home, park the bike, go down to the basement for some tools and a cable with a bigger barrel. Come back up, go over to the bike and start loosening the cable stop, and as soon as I let go of it, the top part of the throttle flies right off the carb! FYI, this is a stock carb on a 98cc Lifan with external throttle linkage. The return spring I was using was too tight. I found the throttle body, but couldn't find the cable stop. So I went down to the basement and luckily found an old squish-nut type cable stopper from an old cantilever brake, and put that along with a new, less stiff return spring on and that fixed it. I also put the return spring in a different position so it won't pull so hard on the throttle body and pull it off the carb again. re-adjusted my idle and the throttle works much better now. With a softer spring, its also easier to pull.
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