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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Toadmund View Post
I went to my local bike shop (LBS) and asked for the stickiest brake pads they got, he sold me Jagwire brand.
I can stop on a dime with these, and for soft brake pads, they sure are lasting a long time.

PS, I did nothing to my bike today, but going to spread the slime I put in my tubes with some serious centrifugal force later today, vrooom!

I have an all belt drive motor bike and found that using belt dressing spray really helped it grab on the pulleys and clutch. I don't know if it could be used safely on brake pads, but since I have both front and rear hand brakes I could try one just the rear to test and inspect.

Stopping for me I could I suppose do a little better, but with 40:1 ratio I don't get going faster than 15mph, just climb trials. Desending I find with throttle at idle I have plenty of engine braking. Even more braking from all three belts and spinning the clutch bell once the shoes release from the bell.

It is strange I heard a scraping sound and thought something was out of wack, just clutch shoes pulling back in and the short time it takes to completely release. Starting out they engage so quickly you don't hear anything. Can hop the front wheel a little too.


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