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Well, here goes.... I decided I wanted to put a "china girl" motor on an old cruiser. I live very close to Lake Michigan, several bike paths and thought it would be fun to put one of these together. I build hot rods as a hobby and while poking around at a recent auto swap, I saw some pretty sweet old bikes. But the people that were selling them must have thought they were gold. Lowest I've seen was 250 for a beat up POS that I've seen at rummage sales and city dumps for free if not the owners paying me to haul it away. So I decided to locate one and slap a little 2 stroke motor on it. I located one on my local craigslist. Again, another car guy. Wanted 100 bucks for it. I called him and set him straight. He gave up and told me he fished it out of a basement of a rental property. I knew I had him at that point. I offered him 60 for it without seeing it. He agreed. I drove out to his place after work and took a look at it. It was rougher than I thought, but from what I can tell I'd say someone last worked on it probably in the late 60's. I am guessing it's a late 50's Schwinn Wasp. I bought it and took it home. Now the fun starts. I havn't done anything with bikes since my pre-teen years, but back in the day, I owned an Orange Krate and a Pea Picker. As I grew up and traded those bikes off (yeah I know....) for 10 speeds, I used to ride a 10 speed everywhere... Once I turned 16, I stopped riding bike. Fast forward, I will be 42 tomorrow and decided to put one of these together for myself. I am getting a quick crash course of what I have, and what direction I need to go in.
What I am trying to find out is the rims that I have are S7's They are in fairly good condition but need some care. Close to true, but lots of surface rust (patina). I want to go with the widest tire I can on it, and then order up my china motor kit for it.

I guess I am trying to find places to order up the parts I'd need to get this thing into a roller. I'd even be willing to buy wider diameter rims to fit the largest tire I can in there...

Can anyone perhaps point me in the right direction to websites for the crusier parts?

Here's a shot of the bike...

I have a pretty well equipped shop for car work. I do full fab, body and paint. I have MIG, TIG, Plasma capabilities, along with Powder coating and all the tools you'd need for fabrication.

Here's one of my current auto projects... 1969 Beetle IRS Pan (Frame/Suspension) on Air Ride.




A shot of the front at it's lowest setting. Fully adjustable height.

I am looking forward to sharing my progress on this bike much like the car projects.
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