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Originally Posted by thxcuz View Post
Ok, so I got the new roller. I got better speed and almost instant take off BUT it tore the living daylights out of my tire. I'm lucky I made it home. I may have to replace the bungy chord with a spring and turnbuckle system in order to fine tune the tension better. And I have the answer to anyone asking if it does better in wet weather. That answer is a difinitive no way in ****. I hit a puddle and it spun like a whirling dervish. I replaced the tire today and I have to re adjust the whole thing.
I knew what I was getting into so I'm not complaining. But I just saw a nice old Honda express on CL and I thought how wonderful it would be to just twist and go.
I'm gonna futz with the bee a little more but if I find its not working out for me I'm afraid it's going on CL.
On mine the eurothane drive wheel works great. Of course its gonna slip of you hit a puddle but i ride mine about 30 minutes after it rains when the roads are still moist and it works great. If theres alot of water on the road of course its gonna slip. Check out the lowride tire at wally mines been on for 800miles. they work great. You can easily adjust your tension with the bungee if you need more tension then just move the knot down a hair. hope it works out for ya..
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