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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I'm not sure why the issue of grinding the pin is such a big deal with some of you. You're not going to use it again as long as you use a master link so what's the problem with grinding the pin? It makes removing it ten times easier and you don't run the risk of bending or kinking a link with a hammer, punch, vise grips, needle nosed pliers, etc.. Grind the little sucker off, punch it out and throw it away and use a master link and be done with it. I don't own a chain breaker and wouldn't waste my money on one. I don't need it. I work in a place that has miles of conveyor drive chain, all sizes and the mechanics who maintain the equipment don't break chain. They grind off the head of the pin, punch it out and install a master link and get the production lines running again. Why are you trying to save the pins?
Old thread but this man is correct,,
I would NEVER waste my $$ on a chain break tool,,grind mushroom end of pin flush with link and punch out,,the grinder NEVER touches the part of the chain your gonna use anyhow??,,been doing it that way since I was 7 years old,,tried a break tool once that my friend had and we looked like two monkeys humpin a to say we ended up grinding it.You cant punch a pin out without grinding it anyway,,no way,,no how,,unless you want a bent chain and a broken hand...

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