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Default Re: 2 min. and 100 ft

Originally Posted by bumleg View Post
the wires are plugged in to the corresponding colors.
(however i do not have the killswitch hooked the white wire is temporarilly taped off.)
it seems to be strong blue spark. it seems to be getting fuel because after a while it started dripping out the muffler.
the plug is wet and unburnt.. i tried puting some fuel in the plug hole and still never got even one kick...

i peddled around with the fuel shut off ,thinking it may have flooded, still no put put..

i am always working on something that makes a carbon footprint,
but this one makes no scense, appears to have fire and fuel, seems to have compression, but it wont make an unassisted noise...

thanks for the reply.
I had the same exact problem with my motor when I was first breaking it in. I was so frustrated. I had spark, fuel but I would peddle for blocks untill I just could not peddle no more, tried every trick I knew including sarting fluid. Called the pople I bought the motor from, They said change the plug, I said it has spark because I pull it and seen blue spark, and I tryed new plugs but I got the one they recomeded NGK B6HS, and it finally started. Took it awhile to run good but it was a weak spark. I don't know if that is your problem but a plug is cheap. Good luck.
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