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Default Re: Greetings! I just bought my 1st Schwinn and I plan to modify the crap out of it

The top tube is actually slightly curved. It is a very slight curve, very subtle. You can see the main curve right over the word "Heavy". The oversize balloon tires look wicked with the black rims. This bike is equipped with the "Schwinn Sofa" seat and it is wonderful. The thing looks and feels like a saddle. In every single picture of motorized bikes I have seen, not a one has a big Wald basket on the front.

According to every picture I have seen, I am going to have to cut the rear fender for the chain to have room.... Could I simply notch it?

When I went to the Schwinn forum all I was asking for was information about the bike in general. I didn't request an appraisal.

Bike snobs.
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