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Lightbulb Re: WOW ! I thought I was on my own...

Front wheel rim+ spokes+ building £205.
Front tyre £55.
Rim tape £1.50
Frame straightening £40
Front wheel spindle £30.
Split pins £1.50
12mm drill bit £7.00
Pie tax to use manworlds piller drill, 2 x mince beef & onion 1 x meat & potatoe (Hollands)
Drill stand £31
Blacksmith Drill bits £30
Drill sharpener £8x
Vice for drill £8
Cutting disks £9
Alloy £8
12mm 1.25 Pitch die, & holder £15
6mm die & holder £13
Cutting oil £6
Rear tyre £55.
Rear wheel rim+spokes+ building £205
Glass fiber repair kit £17.99
Rear innertube £9.00
Halfords Silver wheel trim paint £6.99
locktight gasket seal£5.50
Haynes manuel £18.99
Rear wheel crush spacer £7.00
Rear wheel bearing £5.50
Headlight, indicator, clock bulbs £3.00
Gear shift plate £14.21
Indicator lens x 2 £9.95
Front brake light switch £6.75
Nuts & bolts £7.30
Rear light £13.78
Pans ! £8.00
Welding wire £11.00
Air filter £7.00
Wire & connectors £20.00
Fishtail silencer £26.00

I fitted the new gear change plate yesterday and its working I've only had it going on the stand in the yard but I went up an down the gearbox with no problems.... Well not exactly no problems as I cracked the original CG exhaust in half, the neutral light dont work an the main lights don't work, but another upside was that I found a new chain an front sprocket in a box of bits and there's a new rear sprocket on the way, me next day off I can work on it is Thursday, I cant wait so you just know that this week is gonna drag !
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