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Default Re: Look what I found! Look what I found!

MAN! I am on a roll!

I got it freed up, and cleaned it up a little. There is a very fine rust or darkening in the cylinder, but I couldn't feel it just saw it.

I put the plug in it to turn it over to flush it out and make sure there is no crap in the bottom end, and it had loads of compression.

Oh yeah, you know where this is going... I said to myself "I wonder if it is possible to have a bright blue spark since the plug wire comes right out of the case?"

Yes, it did, and yes, it did!

Gas down the carb, two pulls and it fired right off!!!! LOUD!

Now I have to figure out the threaded shaft part and see what I can hook up. It has about a half inch of thread, a keyway, AND a taper.
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