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Default Re: How do you do your handlebars with geared bikes?

I don't have a two stroke or a bike with gears, so I have my handlebars setup like this. My front brake is on my left (rear brake is coaster). My brake handle also has a built-in brake light switch and a toggle switch for my headlight (used to be a horn button there, but since I don't have a horn, I removed the horn button and ground away inside the hand control to make room for the toggle switch). I have a centrifugal clutch, so no clutch lever cluttering up my handlebars. On my right is my throttle, and obviously my killswitch is built into my throttle housing, so that's it. I like my handlebars looking clean and uncluttered. My forks have brackets for a headlight, so I don't even have to clamp a headlight to my handlebars.
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