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Actually the little screw in filter that comes with the kit is not a bad item. It will keep dirt and rust particles out of the petcock and carburetor but the problem is with the tank itself. I've yet to see one that was perfectly clean out of the box. Almost without exception they are rusty inside. We always suggest the tanks be cleaned before installation or putting fuel in them.

Bee-bees work well as will small pea gravel or course sand. There are checmical cleaners available too, but whatever you choose the tank needs to be clean and flushed with hot water and allowed to dry. Compressed air is a valuable tool for this and many other projects.

An in-line filter is always a good choice either in addition to the in-tank filter or in conjunction with it. Clean fuel is essential for a trouble free carburetor on any application. Use one or both but never run without a fuel filter.

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