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Default Re: painting the tank

I assume you're talking about the little black peanut kit tank?
Primer isn't necessary but you really, really need to sand the tank. It would only take a few minutes and a dollar's worth of #400 sandpaper. I'd suggest wet sanding under a running faucet, warm water. You'll need wet/dry paper. If by some chance you have a chrome plated tank, good luck. Paint won't stick very well and primer won't help. That's a whole different ball game.

I'd also clean the tank with a solvent to make sure there is no oil residue. Rubbing alcohol will work and won't wrinkle the original paint. Paint won't stick to oil or a shiny surface. Rough it up as described above.

As for paint, I've had very good luck with Dupli-Color automotive spray. Most auto parts stores carry it and you can match about any color you want. Most paints will be attacked by gasoline unless it is engine enamel or formulated to withstand gasoline.
I like to clear coat my paint with TopFlite LustrCoat model airplane clear. It is absolutely fuel prooof and gives a nice glossy finish especially if you buff after the clear has completely dried.

Instead of trying to hand paint your 'Union Jack' why not look for a decal. They should be easy to find. Then clear coat over it. You'd end up with a professional looking job at little cost and labor. Good luck and show us some photos of the finished project.

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