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Hey guys! Thanks for the welcome! Thanks for the tips on the tensioner, i just hooked one up last night, i wish i would have hopped on and read these posts first. we'll see how it holds up. I'll just have to keep a close eye on it, the stock tensioner is still fully in tact in case i need to drop the spring. Going to a straight chain would be swee too as long as i could be sure the chain wasn't going to fall off and destroy my spokes while going 30mph like i've seen a few pics of. 2door: I did read a couple of those post saying that it had to be metal on metal, I decided to give it a shot anyways because if i had to ride it with as much vibration as there was pre-soundproofing, I'd honestly probably get rid of it. I did however tighten the motor down as much as possible by hand and without stripping out the nut and bolt. the material is actually really tough too, its not metal but its far tougher then foam or other rubber. I'll for sure keep an eye on it and look for other solutions though. I appreciate the tip! And that Denver area riders group sounds fun! so people just get together for a joy ride?? it'd be super fun to see some other builds too and meet some of the experts in person! Kioshk: The bike is a Roadmaster Granite Peak from walmart. It was the smallest frame i could fit the engine on. I'm not worried about the whole tensioner moving on the frame, just the wheel moving down from the initial torque of starting the engine and then the chain bouncing all over and possibly falling off. Thanks though!
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