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Originally Posted by 16v4nrbrgr View Post
Well, some of the people haven't upgraded studs or whatnot and HT's are prone to stripping, so a spray bottle with some atf in it into the intake will blow a lot of carbon out if allowed to sit in the combustion chamber for 10 minutes then started and brapped.

Of course the idea behind 100:1 oils is to avoid this cleaning for as long as possible.
right. i've pulled motors apart after 6 months or so and there's very little build-up with opti 2.

i've also pulled motors apart after 2 weeks of someone running 24:1 bargain brand oil and it's burnt on like roofing tar.

side note, i don't run opti2 in my race bikes anymore.

i went through a period of blowing holes in pistons and melting the chrome off cylinder walls, which was due to a combination of things, like the carb and expansion chamber not being in tune with each other, and i found that lucas or klotz at 24:1 is more forgiving.

plus the smoke burns the eyes of the guy behind me...

these motors never get run at low rpm and get torn down after a race, so build-up isn't a problem.
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