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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

my motor ran fine and I noticed the intake valve was leaking. took it off and the gasket was fine so I just tightened the bolts and one of the heads broke off so I tightened it as much as possible. also today I had it sitting outside after work and it started raining while I was sleeping so the bike did get wet today. after I put it all back together I drained the carb hopped on and took off but the engine wouldn't run, it will start but it won't stay running pulling a load and it wont idle either. I kept tinkering and trying things loosened the idle screw and it ran well for a couple of minutes it did idle really high though. so I do not know if it wont run right because of the intake valve or the bike getting wet. it has been wet before but not ridden for a few days afterwards. and it ran fine earlier I rode it to and from work. any help would be appreciated.
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