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Default New guy on the block

Howdy y'all. Thought I'd introduce myself.

As the spring semester is coming to a close, I found myself wanting to find something interesting to do over the summer. I'm an engineering major in college, so I wanted to find something to tinker with as a summer project. It just so happened that, as I was considering what to do, I accidentally stumbled upon the amazing world of motor bikes. What a perfect coincidence. So I started researching how to get into this awesome new hobby ive found. I'm totally new at this, and i've been reading the forum for a couple of days, so i decided to sign up. I'll probably have a bunch of questions in the near future, since I'm just getting into this, so I hope y'all got room for one more. My ultimate goal is to build a bike that I can ride for exercise, but use a motor for longer distances (I do live in Texas after all). I'm looking forward to getting started on my first build!

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