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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Beefed up my foot pegs on my no pedals anymore DIY Briggs Dirt Bike / Fish Art Motor Bike.

The MIG welder I turned the CFH flow from 17 to 27 and what a difference. I saw a nice sort of wind flame molten puddle form nice ridges as I zig zagged the feed across the parts. AR 75 CO2 25 works way better at that rate, so I used the cylinder up a bit faster.

Training wheels for when I go slow with the parade fish cover, they will keep it from tipping over. There will be no need to try to put center stand down as I would be too confined with the cover on anyway. I'll have a door to open before I bring one leg over the banana seat and plant both feed ready to exit to let the fish cool off. Hunting for krill in a 15,000 year old dry lake bed 8,000 ft above sea level is hard work!

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