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Default Re: New Need Lots of help

Originally Posted by texan View Post
I have also fount a website called and was wondering if they were okay to buy from.

I have seen these kits made by SkyHawk, I was wondering if they would be a good brand to go with or not.

And Lastly I need help with determining a good bicycle for the project, or a least a good type.

Any information would be very much appreciated, I really cant wait to get into this project.
Piston Bikes are great, they answer the phone and will take care of you.

I am a little biased because Rob and Gregg come to the races and sponsor
them with great prizes but they couldn't do that if they didn't treat their
customers right.

The kit is made by Grubee and is the SkyHawk model which is the choice
of Arrow Motorized Cycles to make into race motors that Piston Bikes also
The Jet model they sell is good too, comes with the easy to tune NT carb.

66 cc have a lot more grunt than a 49 cc.

Choice of a bicycle is a personal thing.
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