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Default New Need Lots of help

So recently I saw a man while I was at work ride by on his motorized bike, and this incident has inspired me!

I have always loved mechanical stuff (cars), but I really have no formal education in this field, so I have been very reluctant to tinker on something that I need to work every day. The motorized bike kits seem like a lot of fun to build as a early summer project. I don"t plan on spending a ton of money on this around $500 total so nothing to fancy or crazy.

The main problem I have is determining which brand and vendor would be a good and reliable place to buy from. I have looked at the Gas Bike/KingsMotor bikes at kits, and I almost bought one, but then I saw someone saying they got ripped off by them. But when I looked in to it, it sounded more like the customer/ups was to blame. I have also fount a website called and was wondering if they were okay to buy from.

I have seen these kits made by SkyHawk, I was wondering if they would be a good brand to go with or not.

And Lastly I need help with determining a good bicycle for the project, or a least a good type.

Any information would be very much appreciated, I really cant wait to get into this project.
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