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Default Re: Hey everyone!

Welcome to the forum. Always good to see more Colorado riders join. There are a bunch of us here. We're glad you've come in out of the cold and joined our community.

One thing that concerns me is your use of "soundproofing material" in the engine mounts. I don't know what you're using but you should be aware that any resilient material used in the mounts will not eliminate the engine vibrations but only transfer them to parts that will eventually fail. Engine mounting fasteners are usually the first to go but the mounts themselves can break as well as bike frame tubes. The engine needs to be mounted as solidly to the frame as you can make it. Metal to metal with no gaps or soft material between. Not just my opinion but a fact agreed upon by most experienced builders.

Good luck and maybe you can join the Denver Area Riders, D-A-R, for a run this spring or summer...if spring and summer ever gets here.

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