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Default Re: Hello - building kit bike to Triumph Bicycle

I got a longer spindle at a local bike shop, and it just fits perfect! for some reason the spindle was only slightly longer on the side where the clearance was ok, but about 1/2" longer on the side where I needed it most. Getting those cotter pins out was ****, though. If I had to do it again, I would strip the bike down to the frame, put it on a bench and whale on it in the vice.
I found a coaster brake hub that fits the sprocket, but I realized it's 36 spoke and my wheels are 40 spoke. UGH. It would be nice to have the same rims front and back. Ok so I also was given a british coaster brake hub, a Perry, which looks very nice, and is 40 spoke, but the sprocket hole is too small. I have been enlarging the hole by hand, using a metal file, grinding stone, etc, but I'm making this hole out of round faster than I'm making it bigger. Lining it up with the sprocket, even if it did fit around, the bolts hit spokes. This must be because of the extra 4 spokes on the wheel.
UGH. At least the crank fits!
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