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Default Re: Bairdco Built For Speed Bike...

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
besides, it's gonna be rough enough trying to get my body fixed and a whole 'nother bike built to take on the arrow team in june.
Not only Arrow Motorized Cycles but TheJakeBike team and
turkman's China girl moped mongrel and JN Motors Bikes
will be racing in the PRO Class too on June 1st.

I am pretty sure that the 2 Stroke PRO Class rule will be:

Stock 66 cc:
1) Cases
2) Crankshaft
3) Cylinder
that can be modified but you have to base your motor on those parts.

We want to keep them looking like the original motors and to keep the
costs down.

turkman's bike was started before a finalized rule change so it will be
allowed to race.

EDIT: I answered your PM

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